Projects in Pipeline – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




The Oash 14 Project entails the development of 20 villas in North Obhur, Jeddah. The project offers modern residential villas, with a average of 550 sqm of BUA, on a plot of land of 431 sqm. These villas come with 4 bedrooms, swimming pools, elevator shafts, concealed air conditioning, roof garden and a good space for a gardening area. The project is expected to be delivered by mid 2017

The site is approximately 20 minutes driving distance from the city center of Jeddah and 5 minutes North West of King Abdulaziz airport. North Obhur enjoys excellent accessibility.  Convenient and immediate access to and from high speed, high capacity road (Madinah Highway and King Road) and a Coastal Motorway (Corniche Road) to the central areas of Jeddah is a major plus.

The nearby surrounding area is developed with private residences and commercial landmarks such as the Baterji Hospital and Al Waleed new development.




A painting drawn by imagination and embodied in dreams on the gulf beaches where the east and the sea embrace each other and the pearl tells its stories having the perfume of the kind gulf sailors.

Orsyat is an ambitious idea embodied in a peculiar residential fully integrated services tower. The privacy of Orsyat stems from its magic eastern outlook on the Gulf; a feature enjoyed by all project residential units. The strategic location of Orsyat project is also characterized with the easy access to the neighborhood, Aramco and the Airport. Additionally, it is distinguished with being close to the biggest malls in the Eastern Province including Dahran Mall, Al Rashid Mall, and Grand mall

Orsyat ground floor will be dedicated to a set of distinguished services, including:
• A swimming beach having family tables with places for roasting and BBQ.
• A swimming pool for adults and another pool for children; both of which will prosper moments full of fun, sports and relaxation.
• A sports club for men and another one for women paving the way for health and constant agility.
• A nursery school where you will find a safe shelter for beloved and darling children.
• A safe parking area for every residential unit.
• An event hall which you will remember at your celebrations, weddings and nights always full of beauty, love and amiability.
• Fully-serviced rooms for your drivers (toilets, lavatories and kitchens).
• A coffee shop, the best place for your conversations.
• Ownership availability for Non-Saudi.